Nina Dinoff


Liquidnet, one of the financial industry leaders in high-frequency trading, is entering the realm of private shares trading. I designed a platform for them that allows automated transactions of privately held shares between the issuer and the investor, while also aggregating the shares of individuals interested in selling. I also created a mobile site for them to facilitate orders of trades on the public market. 

The designs were created within the context of an agile development team, keeping in mind best practices including responsive design. 

Role: Design Director 

Liquidnet Mobile

An app that allows members to place orders securely from their phone.


Liquidnet Private Shares Platform

A web-based platform that facilitates the trade of privately held shares. 


Liquidnet Private Shares Site Map

This site map simultaneously outlines the complexity of the Private Shares platform, displays user flow, and maps pages directly to the copy deck. 



Liquidnet Capital Markets Platform

The Capital Markets platform provides proprietary information to Issuers based on the projected orders in the system.




This infographic explains the flow of information throughout the entire Liquidnet network and how it is then used in the Capital Markets platform.