Nina Dinoff


Product Mission

Architizer wanted to leverage their site’s extensive social network of architects and manufacturers to build a ground breaking product that would make it easier and faster for architects to specify building products and to increase leads for manufacturers. 


My role

I was brought in as the Product Design Lead. I introduced a design process that helped transition a startup with no product experience to one with a game changing industry product. My responsibilities included researching the domain and precedents, requirement gathering, identifying and prioritizing features, setting and maintaining a visual design direction and UI kit, mentoring junior designers, and supporting an agile design process.


Product Success

In one year the product generated over $50 million dollars in deal flow and a lot of excitement. Architizer raised $1 million dollars two months after the launch of the MVP, and nine months later, another $7 million in Series A funding dedicated to supporting the growth of Source. Investors include major architecture firms SHoP and Handle Architects.


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Architizer Source

Architizer Source makes the process of specifying building products easy. Architects post details about the product they are looking for and Architizer Source matches that request with relevant manufacturers who can then bid directly to the architects. 


An Immediate Success

Within a year of launch, Architizer raised $8 million dollars to continue to develop Architizer Source. The product was such an instant hit that SHoP and Handel Architects, two major players in the architecture industry, invested in its growth. 



The Two-Sided Marketplace

The product fulfills big needs for both sides of the market. Architects protect their identity while quickly finding the right product and manufacturers acquire leads that are already hot. It is a win-win for the construction industry.



Finding the Right Product

Architects spent countless hours looking for products from the initial concept to the final construction. Using Architizer Source, they can manage multiple searches at once, easily compare products, and share findings with their team. 


The Product Request

The product request is the core of the product search. A public Q&A with manufacturers ensures that responses are accurate and useful. Manufacturers submit private responses which the architects can shortlist or dismiss.




Manufacturers can easily search product requests, ask questions directly to architects, and respond with detailed bids that can include images, spec sheets, product samples, and CAD models. Architects can also also directly request responses from specific manufacturers. 



Process: Research and Discovery

All of the product design work was done in house at Architizer. We conducted user interviews and workshops to fully understand workflow, researched existing precedents focus on two-sided marketplaces and matching, identified possible features based on business needs, and ensured that we met the requirements of investors. 



Process: User Experience

Working in accordance with agile and lean UX methodologies, we identified and prioritized featurel. User flows and story cards solidified concepts. We used wireframes to explore big areas of complexity, and other times we kept it lean to move quickly into development.



Process: Design

We facilitated the development process with a live UI toolkit. A modular content system and style guide make it easy for new designers to build out marketing and other support pages. Clean and simple icons keep the design of the tool on brand and user-friendly.